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I'd suffered a long time from my stinky underarms. Seriously, I couldn't stand my own underarm smell and didn't know why they stunk so badly. No matter the temperature, hot or cold, I always sweated under my arms .I consult with many doctors and finally thanks to miraDry treatment now NO MORE SWEAT & NO ODOR which results only in 1 procedure and that last in 1 hour only

Geeta Maddan

New Delhi

Earlier I was skeptical about the procedure results regarding permanent solution for underarm sweat however after procedure I haven’t sweat from my underarm and I feel like a new woman who is confident wearing T-shirts for summer! Thank you Miradry for changing my life!

Rohit Nagpal


Mr Nikhil describes his experience with miraDry to stop his excessive sweating during workout session in gym.Since his miraDry treatment, Nikhil feels confident doing workout in gym and tranning session, being outdoors. Finally, He wasn’t worried about sweating through his clothes.Do you believe in magic. I also didn't till I saw miraDry. This groundbreaking microwave technology give instant and lasting relief from axillary hyperhidrosis in just one or two sittings. Its now in India in exclusive center Theskintemple, India.

Mr Nikhil


She is find something to help with his sweating due to her job, She came to know across the miraDry procedure available in theskintemple, New Delhi. Vibhuti was looking for something to help her feel less self-conscious about her underarm sweating. All the information that she gathered online was positive and exactly what she was looking for.Now She feel confident during meeting and visit to company plant.Finally, He wasn’t worried about sweating & odor through his clothes.




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